Alien Rape Escape

On Saturday 31 March 2003, a group of people took an existing concept (that of Hourgames) and altered it slightly to create a Team Hourgame. Although it took 500+ hours longer than anticipated, here is the end product:

ARE screenshot 1 ARE screenshot 1

Speech pack

Game credits:

AGA: ideas; game scripting

scotch: ideas; character art and animation; background art; background animations; inventory sprites

Flippy_D: ideas; inventory sprites

Alkaline: ideas; character art

Quality assurance testing by: CommaToes and OneThinkingGal

The super sexy GUIs are featured thanks to Rodekill and OneThinkingGal

The game was created using Chris Jones' Adventure Game Studio (

A.R.E. has been reviewed by A (the Adventure Game Studio news ezine) here.

There is a walkthrough for this game available here.

Since its release, there have been 34785 downloads of Alien Rape Escape

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