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Reality-on-the-Norm: I Spy II

I Spy II screenshot


27/08/2003: After the success (*cough*) of DMPP, I decided to go back to I Spy II and fix up the few small (and not so small) bugs. Here's v1.1. The old DOS and Win versions have been abandoned in favour of this one Windows-only version. Get it here.

2/12/2001: I Spy II is complete! Download it!

DOS version
Windows version

6/11/2001: As of today, I Spy II is up for beta testing.

3/08/2001: I am currently working on I Spy II - a Reality-on-the-Norm game written with Chris Jones' AGS (Adventure Game Studio)

I'm working with the artistic talents of Anthony Hahn ( as my meager skills would not be worthy of inclusion in such a fine series

of games.

The game focuses around Mika, the lead character from I Spy (by In I Spy II she's working for The Realiser, R.o.t.N's local

newspaper as a photographer. The goal of the game is to take photos of the three assignments your boss at the paper gives you. I won't

specify what these assignments are, you'll just have to wait and find out.

Once completed (probably mid November sometime.) I'll post the game here for download (and hopefully on the R.o.t.N web page.)

There is a walkthrough for this game available here.

Since its release, there have been 8076 downloads of Reality-on-the-Norm: I Spy II

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